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The Mystery of a Mountain Lake

Description of the film The Mystery of a Mountain Lake.

The fields and gardens of a large village in the mountains of Armenia lack water. Meanwhile, in ancient times, according to legend, it was here that the river flowed, the waters of which the evil monster Dev had hidden from disobedient people. But one day geologists came to the village. Kamo, Nikita and Grikor decide to help the expedition and go on a campaign. The unauthorized journey of the children almost ended in the death of Kamo. Meanwhile, studying geology Seto, finds in the mountains a fragment of an ancient plate with cuneiform and learns that the river that flowed in these places disappeared after the earthquake. Pioneers gather a detachment and go to the mountains following geologists to inform them of an important discovery. Unexpectedly, the beginning of a thunderstorm causes the children to take refuge in a cave, the exit from which, due to a severe collapse, soon collapses. Wandering in the mysterious underground labyrinths, the guys discover a vanished river. After a while friends will find them, geologists will blow up the rock and free waters of the old river will pour into the sun-burnt fields.

Year: 1954.

Country: USSR, Armenian SSR. (ASSR)

Genre: Adventure.

Producer: Alexander Row, Yuri Erzinkian, Yakov Kocharyan.

Cast: Gurgen Gabrielyan (grandfather Asatur), E. Harutyunyan (Nargiz-tati), V. Danelyan (Aram Mikhailovich), G. Ashutyan (Bagrat Stepanovich), Tatul Dilakyan (Egishe), Arus Asryan (Sona), L. Leonidov (Andrei Petrovich ), Vahan Bagratuni (geologist), G. Mushegyan (geologist), Liliya Oganesyan (Karine), Boris Keropyan (Dev).

Schoolchildren: Knarik Saroyan (Hasmik), Nersik Hovhannisyan (Kamo), Roman Pogosyan (Grikor), Rubik Khanzadyan (Seto), Vladimir Feoktistov (Nikita), Nelly Melkumyan (Sveta), Victoria Terzibashyan (Knarik), Robert Mkrtchyan (Arshak), Albert Hakobyan (Vagharshak).

The song of Karine is performed by Gohar Gasparyan.

Duration: 80 minutes.

The Mystery of a Mountain Lake

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