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Road to the Stage

Road to the Stage

Description of the film Road to the Stage.

The first color feature film.

The film tells about the talented young man Leonid, who wants to become a clown. His first attempts to work in the circus fail, but thanks to his zeal and talent, he becomes a clown, admiring the audience.

Year: 1963.

Country: USSR, Armenian SSR. (ASSR)

Genre: Comedy.

Producer: Henry Malyan, Levon Isahakyan.

Cast: Leonid Yengibarov (Leonid); Shostua (Ira), Isabella Dansaz (mother), Hayk Danzas (Father), Varduhi Varderesyan (Maro), Karp Khachvankian (Ashot) Tatosov (Khachyan), Gene (Taryan), St. Isahakyan (animal trainer), B. Asaturyan, L. Asaturyan (Twin Brothers).

The Armenian circus collective was also featured in the film.

Duration: 88 min.