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Pomegranate Color

Тhe color of pompegranates

Description of the film Pomegranate Color.

The Color of Pomegranates (Armenian: Նռան գույնը) is a 1969 Soviet film written and directed by Sergei Parajanov. It is a poetic treatment of the life of the 18th century Armenian singer Sayat-Nova. It has appeared in some scholarly polls of the greatest films ever made.

Year: 1968.

Country: USSR, Armenian SSR. (ASSR)

Genre: art house, biography.

Producer: Sergei Parajanov.

Cast: Sofiko Chiaureli (Poet as a Youth/Poet’s Love/Poet’s Muse/Mime/Angel of Resurrection), Melkon Aleksanyan (Poet as a child (as M. Alekyan)), Vilen Galstyan (Poet in the cloister), Giorgi Gegechkori (Poet as an old man), Spartak Bagashvili (Poet’s father), Medea Djaparidze (Poet’s mother), Onik Minasyan (Prince).

Duration: 79 min.