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Personally i know

Description of the film Personally i know.

The first film of the trilogy covers the period from 1905 to 1919. The decisiveness and acting talent of the young Social-Democrat Ter-Petrosyan allows him to successfully carry out illegal revolutionary activity in the Russian Empire and abroad, ensure communication with the party leaders in emigration, organize strikes in Baku and Tiflis, and so-called exes. As a result of the betrayal of one of his companions in 1909, he was arrested in Berlin. Overcoming torture, feigning madness, was later transferred to the Russian authorities. He ran and continued illegal activities. The film ends with an episode of a personal meeting between Kamo and Ulyanov-Lenin, accompanied by the delivery of a mandate for a new party task.

Year: 1957.

Country: USSR, Armenian SSR. (ASSR)

Genre: Historical film, adventure.

Producer: Stepan Kevorkov, Grigory Balasanyan, Erasmus Karamyan.

Cast: Gurgen Tonunts (Kamo), Boris Smirnov (VI Lenin), Maria Pastukhova (Nadezhda Krupskaya), Andro Kobaladze (Stalin (when the role was rewired), Vagan Bagratuni (Suleiman), Vagharsh Vagharshyan (Professor Otto Schiller), Gurgen Gen. (Mirsky, mustachioed, insurance agent), Archil Gomiashvili (Mantasherov), Kakhi Kavsadze (candidate for Kamo military detachment), Artem Karapetyan (Long-haired), Akaki (Kako) Kvantaliani (dukhan), Petr Malek, David Malyan (Oscar Cohn, Guardian Kamo), Afrasiyab Mammadov (Revaz), Ashot Nersesyan (Marzipanov’s servant), Hrachya Nersesyan (Medea’s father), Z. Ovnatanyan ( (Vadim), Boris Svoboda (Colonel Vadim Arkadievich Martsipanov), Konstantin Skorobogatov, Anatoly Smiryanin (Tsar’s governor), A. Soghomonyan (Shanshiashvili), Sergei Stolyarov (revolutionary Vasily Nikitich), Galina Suprunova (actress Valya Chrysanthemum), Nikolai Ter-Semenov (drummer), Medea Chahava (beloved Kamo Medea (Medico)), Yuri Kireyev, Khoren Abrahamyan (the criminal “Ready to give his life to see you only …”), Maria Gerpetian (wife of a mustached) Ivan Ryzhov (guide through the Finnish border), Alexei Bach (member of the fighting detachment), Andrey Fayt (German inspector).

Duration: 100 min.

Personally i know

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