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Hello, That’s Me!

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Description of the film Hello, That’s Me!.

Artyom Manvelyan is a famous physicist and founder of a cosmology laboratory in Aragats. With loyalty and gentleness, he keeps the memories of the World War period, lost love and his friends.

Year: 1965.

Country: USSR, Armenian SSR. (ASSR)

Genre: Drama.

Producer: Frunze Dovlatyan.

Cast: Armen Dzhigarkhanyan (Artyom Manvelyan), Rolan Bykov (Oleg Ponomaryov), Natalya Fateyeva (Lyusya), Margarita Terekhova (Tanya), Luchana Babichkova (Irina Pavlovna), Frunze Dovlatyan (Zaryan), Galya Novents (Nazi), Georgi Tusuzov (Aharon Izrailevich), Aleksei Bakhar (Stepfather), Natalya Vorobyova (Tanya in childhood (as Natasha Vorobyova)), Martyn Vartazaryan (as Martin Vardazaryan).

Duration: 137 min.

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