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Ghosts leave the top

Description of the film Ghosts leave the top.

To climb Mount Karmir-Sar, on the inaccessible peak of which, according to the conclusion of the young scientist Artashes Malian, there is a rare deposit of mercury and silver, despite the opposition of Professor Daniel-bek, an expedition led by Malian is being organized. Information about the expedition reaches Alvarez da Cortez, who is the owner of one of the largest European chemical concerns. In his youth he visited this summit and, to hide the discovered metals, threw the Russian scientist Shelagin into the abyss and made Daniel-bek silent. Foreign intelligence decides to disrupt the expedition …

Year: 1955.

Country: USSR, Armenian SSR. (ASSR)

Genre: Adventure.

Producer: Erasmus Karamyan, Stepan Kevorkov.

Cast: Yosif Klimzhyan [Sos Sosyan] (Malian), Violetta Yutudzhyan-Gayane), Vahram Papazyan (Daniil-bek), Olga Gulazyan (Hasmik), Hrachya Nersesyan (Vahan), Artem Karapetyan (Bagrat), Leonid Kmit (Grebenshchikov), Vladimir Tyagushev (Rostovtsev), Andrey Fayt (Cortec), David Malyan (Satunts), Ory Buniatyan (chairman of the executive committee), Vahan Bagratuni (mountaineer), Vanzetti Danielyan (mountaineer), George Hunanyan (Daniel-bek in his youth), Armen Khostikyan (graduate student) , Varvara Shahsuvaryan (secretary), Leonid Pirogov (episode), Ashot Nersesyan (episode), Stepan Sudbinin (episode), Andrew Puntus (episode).

Duration: 96 minutes.

Ghosts leave the top

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