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Erken kisher (Long night) – Trailer

Էրկեն Կիշեր

Description of the film Erken kisher (Long night). The dramatic fate of heroes of different eras is associated with wolf and spherical stone. The fate pursues those stone-owners. The Millennial Stone Age begins in the time of the Narek Age era through the horrors of the Armenian massacres of 1915, reaching up to our days and ends with a strange family drama of the married couple revealing the moral values ​​of a street prostitute, which is a third party triangle, higher than the high passengers.

Year: 2018.

Country: Armenia.

Genre: Drama.

Producer: Edgar Baghdasaryan.

Cast: Shant Hovhannisyan, Samvel Grigoryan, Louise Nersesyan, and others.

Duration: 100 min.