Dorama 20-rd dari aghjiky / The Girl of the 20th Century

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20-rd dari aghjiky / The Girl of the 20th Century

20-rd dari Aghjiky

20th Century Girl movie with Armenian translation, Name in Armenian: 20-րդ դարի Աղջիկը [ 20-rd dari Aghjiky / 20-rd dari Axjiky ]

In 1999, in Jeonju, Bora’s closest friend from high school travels to the United States for heart surgery. However, before the operation, the friend meets a new boy at school and falls deeply in love with him, losing her grip on reality. In order to ease her friend’s worries, Bora promises to gather as much information as possible about the boy and send regular email updates. Bora begins to closely monitor the boy, even intervening to save him from hooligans, which ultimately leads to both the boy and his friend falling for Bora. As Bora juggles her responsible job and spying duties, she finds herself in the middle of an unexpected love triangle.

Producer: Pan U-ri
Actors: Kim Yoo-jeon, Peng Woo-seok, Park Jeon-woo, Noh Eun-soo, Jeon Seog-yeon, Kim Sung-geun, Lee Cheon-moo, Jong Hye-won, Yoon Yi-rae, Lee Bum-soo
Film Genres: Films translated into Armenian / Drama / Comedy / Melodrama / Doramas with Armenian translation
Year: 2022
Country: South Korea
Translation: Armenian